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Reflective Leads

Reflective Leads

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Our Limited-Edition Red Dingo reflective adjustable dog Lead is made with premium nylon webbing for maximum durability. The adjustable lead length supports training exercises allowing more or less control. All leads come with a unique padded handle, providing extra comfort. The patented Red Dingo dog clips are engineered to be amongst the strongest in the pet industry.

All Red Dingo products come with a 100% quality guarantee.

Size Dimensions:

XS - 1.1-1.8m Adjustable Length | 12mm Width

S - 1.1-1.8m Adjustable Length | 15mm Width
M - 1.1-1.8m Adjustable Length | 20mm Width
L - 1.1-1.8m Adjustable Length | 25mm Width Sizes


XS - 1.1-1.2 Fixed Length | 12mm Width

S - 1.1-1.2m Fixed Length | 15mm Width
M - 1.1-1.2m Fixed Length | 20mm Width
L - 1.1-1.2m Fixed Length | 25mm Width Sizes