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CATURE - Purelab Pet Dry Wash Paw Foam with Brush
CATURE - Purelab Pet Dry Wash Paw Foam with Brush

CATURE - Purelab Pet Dry Wash Paw Foam with Brush

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CATURE Purelab Range is 100% natural safe for you and your family. Our unique silicone brush has been specifically designed to clean dirty paws after all outdoor adventures.

Product Features and Benefits:
- Unique Silicone Brush Designed for Paws
- Brush can be Detached for Full Coat Clean
- 100% Natural Formula, No Alcohol, Safe for Licking
- Dissolves Excess Oils and Eliminates Odors
- Anti-Bacterial Ingredients for Dirt and Mites
- Cleans, Moisturizes and Conditions Coat
- Soothes skin, relieves skin irritation and itching

Ingredients Explained:
- Nano Soy Bean Fatty Acid - Dissolves excess oil, removes body odor
- Cereal Amino Acid and Melia Indica Extract - Antibacterial, kills bacteria, dirt and mites in the hair
- Silk Amino Acid and Silk Proteins - Moisturizes skin, nourishes hair follicles, and maintain hair's fluffy and natural state
- Plant Extract - Soothing properties

Directions for use:
Shake well before using. Release small amount of foam and apply to paws using brush or towel for the coat. Gently rub until the cleaning is completed. Towel dry thoroughly. Re-apply for more stubborn dirt or until coat looks, feels and smells fresh again.

Avoid direct sunlight
Keep upright in dry storage
Keep out of reach from children

External Use only
Avoid Contact with eyes
If eye contact does occur, rinse well with clean water

CATURE Promise:
We believe our cats are more than pets. That's why we are committed to making you and your cats feel at home with nature.
As a technology-backed pet care brand, CATURE is committed to the harmonious coexistence of human, nature and pets. CATURE applies natural formulas into all pet care product development, as our slogan "Care by Nature".