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CATURE - Cat Litter ECO Tofu Pellets - Green Tea
CATURE - Cat Litter ECO Tofu Pellets - Green Tea
CATURE - Cat Litter ECO Tofu Pellets - Green Tea

CATURE - Cat Litter ECO Tofu Pellets - Green Tea

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Not just a Cat Litter - CATURE has spent years of research to harness the power of a natural fiber capillary system to absorb moisture, trap odor and curb bacterial growth. This means a cleaner and healthier home for both your family and feline friends.

Our natural range of clumping CATURE Cat litters are unrivaled in absorption and odor control!

CATURE Tofu Clumping Cat Litter is made purely from soybean and food grade ingredients. The tofu pellets are extra thin at 2mm, extremely absorbent and won't stick to paws.

Product Features and Benefits:
400% Moisture Absorption Rate
Tofu Pellets made from Natural Soybean
Food Grade Milk Scented
Natural Odor Control
100% Biodegradable and Flushable
No Airborne Dust Anti Allergy
Naturally Anti-Bacterial
100% Safe - No Chemicals or Toxins
7 seconds Clumping Technology
Convenient packaged and Naturally Light
Vacuum package protects organic pellets, avoids humidity, and saves space in storage

CATURE Promise:
We believe our cats are more than pets. That's why we are committed to making you and your cats feel at home with nature.
As a technology-backed pet care brand, CATURE is committed to the harmonious coexistence of human, nature and pets. CATURE applies natural formulas into all pet care product development, as our slogan "Care by Nature".

Switching Tips:
Some of our feline friends prefer to have their litter switched gradually. Begin by adding CATURE to just a third of the tray. Once your Cat is familiar with the change, switch out two-thirds. Finally, make the switch to 100% CATURE cat litter. Then enjoy all the added benefits for both you, the family and your feline friends.