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5 ways to keep your dog warm this winter

Petworld has listed 5 ways to keep your dog warm this winter.  As responsible pet parents, it is important that we ensure that you keep your dogs warm this winter. 

Just because they’re covered with fur  dose not mean that the cold never bothers them in anyway. Though some dogs are insulated enough, most can still get chilly in the winter.  Dogs will require some extra comforts to keep them warm this winter.

How do you keep your dogs warm this winter?

Just as we would deeply appreciate being wrapped in a snug jacket or a cozy, thick blanket during the cold season, so do our dogs. Below are the perfect winter warmers your dogs  will surely love you for!

Dog Coats

While some dogs are covered with thick fur, some need help to stay warm. Old dogs, smaller dogs, and puppies especially, have a lower body fat percentage. During the winter, they have trouble regulating their body temperature. Keep them comfortable with a jumpers and coats to provide warmth.  

Dog Waterproof Coats
Dry Coats

If you dog gets wet, use a towels to dry your dog but also to keep them warm as they dry. This should be done after bathing, walks in the rain, or in whatever case you need to make them feel dry and warm.

An important thing to keep in mind when dressing up your dogs is to ensure that their coats do not get wet. Wearing wet coats is harmful for them. And yet not all dogs have a thick layer of fat and fur to withstand harsh weather conditions. The best solution to this is to get them a quality, waterproof jacket that is lightweight. You can opt to have a fleece lining especially if your dog is of the short-hair breed, of older age, or is used to warmer climates. During your dark morning or evening walks, it would be great to have a jacket with reflective brim to ensure that they’re safe and seen!  Read our measure guide to get the perfect fit.  Or visit our Petworld Ireland stores where our pet experts will measure and fit your coat for free!

Dog Duvets

How do you select the right duvet for your dog?

Dog duvets come in several sizes and are perfect to allow your dogs to snuggle into their own comfortable resting positions. Fiber-filled duvets give much comfort and warmth with their soft and tender qualities. Dogs can scratch it into position depending on the nest they want. Duvets offer warmth and cushion which is recommended if they have age-related health issues such as arthritis. 
For small and medium-sized dogs, you may go for one that is at least 4 inches thick. If you have bigger dogs, select one which is at least 6 inches thick.  Secondly, find a bedding that is easily removable or machine-washable. You will need to wash your dog’s bed cover regularly. It will become dirty and smelly. 

Part of ensuring that your dogs are kept safe and happy is giving them that extra warmth and protection during the winter season.
Treat your dogs to a cozy surprise this winter season by keeping them warm with jackets, coats, duvets and beds!

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If you have questions on the perfect winter warmers for you dogs, contact your local Petworld store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.